Career Placement Endeavors
Career Placement Endeavors

About Us

Career Placement Endeavors

We are a premium talent recruitment company with job searching experts to help you find your ideal career. 

Based in Texas, we service all of the United States with executive search, headhunting, RPO provider and business consultation. Helping people is our focus, mission, and vision, so people will always be the precedence by which all company standards are held. 

She's the one who...

Our founder has over 30 years’ experience helping people obtain their career goals. She has assisted others with administrative tasks, on the job training, employee retention, and job placement. She has worked in the education, the medical industry, recruiting, and HR; all of which has led to the creation of Career Placement Endeavors. 

People, Mission and Vision

It is our goal to join the best talent on the market with our business partners looking to increase their businesses or simply to meet the current difficulties of the job market while remaining a cost-effective resource. 

We truly believe that helping people succeed is our biggest accomplishment; helping people find their perfect job and helping our customers find their perfect employee is our top priority. We won’t stop searching and working until both job seeker and company are satisfied.